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SS Plate + Basic Harness + 50lbs Cell

SS Plate + Basic Harness + 50lbs Cell

Brand: IST Dolphin Tech | SKU: ISJT50H-BK

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Dolphin Tech technical BCDs are completely modular, which means unlike a traditional jacket style BCD, each part can be replaced individually if worn, to change the existing setup for a particular dive mission, or to simply personalise the equipment to fit a diver’s particular dive preferences. Most importantly, the nature of this feature allows Dolphin Tech to offer different combinations of complete BCDs from a number of different components to suit as many divers as possible.

50lb twin-tank single-bladder BCD

Components include:
• ISHB1: Basic harness & buckle set
• ISHB3: Crotch strap set
• ISHB4: Back plate & pouch
• ISHB4SCREW SET: Plate pad hardware
• ISHD30H: BCD handle
• ISJTWP7 x 2: Tech BCD weight pockets
• ISBP3H: Twin tank band set (7.25″ or 8″ / 184 or 203mm diameter)
• ISBP3: Stainless steel back plate OR ISBP4: Aluminium back plate
• ISJT50: Twin tank single bladder air cell + IF-Tech standard tech BCD power inflator + LP-BC low pressure hoses