Ikelite Underwater Camera Housings, Strobes & Accessories

Ikelite is an industry leading US manufacturer of underwater imaging equipment. Woman-led, family-owned.

Originally born in the back of a dive shop, Ike molded the first Ikelite in a Westinghouse oven. The rest was history. Today Ikelite is a leading manufacturer in the underwater photographic industry with worldwide name recognition and global distribution in over 95 countries. Ikelites products are used by amateur and professional photographers in a variety of wet environments from swimming pools to polar ice caps and everywhere in-between.

As the sole distributor in Thailand we have nearly 20 years of experience in working with Ikelite and their products. Due to the fast moving world of cameras we do not keep stock of main housings, however we have an extremely efficient and reliable process for ordering and therefore can normally have orders delivered to your door within 10 days. Please contact us for a quotation and check on availability.

Ikelite Camera Housing with lights
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