Equipment Servicing

Technical Support

Our Technical Service Department is what really makes it possible for us to offer the full One Stop solution. Our professionally trained technicians are fully capable of servicing all types of diving equipment including regulators, tank inspections, hydro-testing and all other general equipment servicing, plus answer any technical related questions you may have, contact us today.

Air, Nitrox and Oxygen Gas Fills

One Stop Dive caters for all recreational and technical divers’ air and mixed gas needs from standard 21% air fills, any Nitrox mix, including pure medical oxygen fills. We have a large 150,000+ litre, 300 bar air bank with oxygen-clean air being stored within it, therefore there are no long waiting times for standard fills. An exceptional high quality of gas is maintained at OSD with our fill station under full time scrutiny and regular quality checks to keep our supplies within international standards.

Nitrox mix, pure medical oxygen filling Thailand
Regulator service Thailand One Stop Dive

Regulator Servicing

Is your regulator not running at 100% or due for its annual service? Bring it over to One Stop Dive; A diving regulator is your life support device when underwater and therefore having it operate as it should must be your on highest priority list. Our well stocked scuba workshop has all the tools and parts required to service all our brands and therefore we are able to repair and maintain quickly and efficiently. For more information on the regulators we sell please see Genesis, Sherwood and IST. 

Tank Servicing, Inspections & Hydro Testing

Scuba Cylinders require a high level of maintenance and care as what’s inside them is responsible for keeping divers alive. OSD’s highly qualified service technicians can ensure that your tanks are ready to store clean gas, and that they meet the high standards required for breathing cylinders. Tanks should, at a minimum, be inspected annually, although most of the major manufacturers recommend far more frequent (3 monthly) inspections for tanks used daily, such as those used by busy dive shops. We are able to offer all tank related services in house including inspections, servicing, tumbling, oxygen cleaning, hydrostatic testing, etc.

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Commercial Air Storage Cylinders

Our workshop is equipped to hydrostatically test cylinders up to 50L capacity at 450bar pressure. This service will appeal to larger dive centres with air banks and also commercial divers within the oil and gas industry. Should you need assistance with shipping logistics, please contact us for more information.

Air Bank Storage Cylinders Thailand

OSD can also service repair and maintain many other types of scuba related equipment – if the parts are available we can usually fix it; camera housings, dive lights, inflator mechanisms, prescription lens fitting, computer battery replacement, whatever you need, leave it to One Stop for fast, efficient and professional care.

Tool Workshop Service Center Krabi
Tank Servicing Center Thailand

Servicing areas around Krabi, Phuket, Koh Phi Phi, Lanta, Koh Lipe, Samui, Bangkok, Phang Nga, Trang, Nakhon Si Thammarat and many more.