Sherwood Scuba SV C Valve
Sherwood K Valve INT
Sherwood K Valve INT
Sherwood K Valve INT
Sherwood Scuba SV C Valve Schema

Sherwood K Valve INT

Brand: Sherwood Scuba | SKU: SSV-48P

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Recreational Scuba Diving K-Valve from Sherwood Scuba.
CGA850 Yoke Connection Parallel Threads for Aluminum Cylinders.

Key Features:

  • Exceeds CGA V9 standards for cylinder valves for compressed gases.
  • Cycle tested 5000 times to exceed all real world applications.
  • Engineered with high flow characteristics to maximize regulator performance.
  • Valve design allows for easy and comfortable cylinder handling.
  • Slant back hand wheel allows easy access.
  • Positive hand wheel grip for easy identification of on/off direction.
  • Designed with proven and readily available replacement valve parts.
  • DOT approved burst disc assembly uses integrated disc and plug design.

Overall Height: 3.875 in.
Overall Length Installed height: 2.875 in