Right K Valve 200 Bar
Right K Valve 200 Bar
Right K Valve 200 Bar
Right K Valve 200 Bar

Right K Valve 200 Bar

Brand: IST Proline | SKU: ISVLV-RT

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  • Material: Chrome plated brass
  • Valve knob material: Thermal plastic
  • Available in 200 or 300 bar version
  • Tank neck valve thread: 3/4” – 14NSP or M25 x 2
  • DIN female thread: G5/8 or M25
  • Burst disk rupture pressure @ 310 BAR (4500psi)
  • The 200 bar version comes with YK-04 DIN to yoke tank valve converter

DOLPHIN TECH designate right and left K valves by the hand that can operate their shock absorbing, low friction knobs when diving. This means the “right” valve is the one reachable by the outstretching right hand and vise versa for the left. The right valve can also be easily identified by its plug’s / stop nut’s indentation marks while the left valve has none. Both valves are completely modular and versatile. Depending on the dive requirement, they can be used independently, with H valves, or linked together via a cross bar. Each of these attachments has double O-rings for a more secure sealing.