Regulator Hose to Standard BC
Regulator Hose to Standard BC
Regulator Hose to Standard BC

Regulator Hose to Standard BC

Brand: IST Proline | SKU: ISRA-10

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Regulator Hose to Standard BC Inflator Hose Converter 

You can not use a standard BC inflator QD hose Schrader fitting to supply a BC integrated alternate air source, as the device would not receive enough gas due to the flow restriction of a standard Schrader fitting. These adapters allow any standard-length LP regulator hose to be converted into a quick disconnect hose for BC integrated alternate air sources. The 9/16-inch male end screws into the second stage end of an ordinary LP regulator hose, and the other end of the adapter is a female slide-lock fitting that accepts the hi-flow male post found on BC integrated second stages. The adapter itself will add about {2 in | 5 cm} to the length of the regulator hose. Important: There are different types of this adapter, each is for a different high flow fitting. Each of the different quick disconnect female fittings works with one or the other of the male posts found on specific devices as follows: