Hose Protector (1.4cm) BK
Hose Protector (1.4cm) BK
Hose Protector (1.4cm) BK

Hose Protector (1.4cm) BK

Brand: IST Proline | SKU: ISHP-2BK

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Prevents hose getting bent at the base.

  • Hose protector for scuba diver air hoses
  • Perforated flexible sleeve
  • Prevents kinks and hose twists
  • Prevents hose bend cracking at connection points
  • Diameter: .55 Inch (1.4cm)

A cracked or kinked hose can rapidly become a life-threatening emergency at depth. Use the IST HP2 Scuba Hose Protector, .55 Inch (1.4cm) Diameter to keep your hoses from twisting, flattening or bending beyond their limits.

Flexible, perforated sleeve provides an extra layer of resistance and protection. Available in colors to coordinate or contrast with your dive kit.

An inexpensive accessory that helps preserve your equipment, and may even save your life.