Catalina Scuba Tank S80
Catalina Cylinders marks
Catalina Cylinders markings
Catalina Cylinders top view
Catalina Scuba Tanks
Catalina tank with Sherwood valve

Catalina 80cu.ft (11.1 litre WC) w/o valve

Brand: Catalina | SKU: GAC-80cf

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Catalina Scuba Tanks

  • Specification: – DOT-3AL & TC-3ALM designed.
  • Alloy: – Manufactured from high strength aluminium alloy 6061-T6.
  • Threads: – Standard 3/4-14 NPSM.
  • Finish: – fully brushed & other finishes available on special order.

Aluminium cylinders unlike steel cylinders don’t rust. The oxidization of aluminium forms a protective coat that hinders the continuation of corrosion making aluminium cylinders less likely to be condemned due to excessive corrosion. All Catalina cylinders are nitrox Ready.

cu ft cu in ibs liters in mm in mm lbs kgs full 500psi empty
S80 678 24.5 11.1 7.25 184.2 25.9 658 31.3 14.2 -1.6 2.8 4.1

Catalina Cylinders

Quality you can rely on. Catalina has been manufacturing aluminium SCUBA cylinders for over 30 years, and today is a leading supplier in the global SCUBA cylinder market.

  • State-of-the-art manufacturing plants located in USA.
  • All cylinders produced from high quality North American sourced raw materials.
  • On-site DOT (IIA) inspections: dimensional, visual, hydrostatic, tensile.
  • Serialisation: complete traceability of production batch, test reports & material.