2mm Green Camo Gloves
2mm Green Camo Gloves
2mm Green Camo Gloves
2mm Green Camo Gloves
2mm Green Camo Gloves
2mm Green Camo Gloves

2mm Green Camo Gloves

Brand: IST Proline | SKU: ISS926A-S

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  • 2mm camouflage spear fishing glove with AMARA palm
  • Extra reinforcements on finger tips and palm
  • Extremely soft neoprene for increased finger dexterity

Sizes: S, M, L, XL, XXL

Dive deeper, strike truer, blend seamlessly. The 2mm Green Camo Gloves are your secret weapon for spearfishing success. Engineered for both stealth and agility, these gloves offer the perfect balance of camouflage, protection, and dexterity.

2mm camouflage neoprene: Disappear into the underwater world with a realistic green camo pattern that melts into kelp, weeds, and rocks. Unseen by wary prey, your advantage is undeniable.

Amara palm: This ultra-durable material ensures a secure grip on your speargun, even in wet conditions. No more fumbling, just confident control.

Extra reinforcements: Worry less about sharp rocks and spines. Reinforced fingertips and palm provide essential puncture resistance and abrasion protection, keeping your hands safe without sacrificing flexibility.

Unmatched Feel and Control:

Supremely soft neoprene: Experience exceptional finger dexterity and unhindered feel for speargun triggers and finer manipulations. You'll be amazed at the natural touch while maintaining warmth.

Sizes for all: Find the perfect fit with a range of sizes from S to XXL. Enjoy snug, comfortable wear that won't restrict movement