Become a Retailer

Here at One Stop Dive, we specialise in helping businesses make the most out of their rented space. We realise that shop rent in tourist areas is often hugely overpriced and the landlords very rarely offer any sort of help!

WE are here to help! Unlike others in the industry we don’t just supply generic banners and labelling, our in house media team will CUSTOM DESIGN banners and labelling that follow your style with your colours, your logos etc.

Every part of every deal is custom built, from the layout to stock to terms. If you are eligible for credit then it won’t even cost you a single baht as you will be in profit before anything has to be paid for!

We never try to off load clearance or non-moving stock, if a certain item is not moving you have the right to change it for something else.


Retail outlet


Let us take the pain away from you and increase your profits by fitting out your retail outlet.


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Note: Amount of free retail aid is dependent on order size, credit terms are based on credit eligibility and given on a case by case basis. Changing of non-moving stock does have time limits. The details of each deal will be mutually agreed prior to any installation