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Wisdom3 (BK) inc.QD Hose

Wisdom3 (BK) inc.QD Hose

Brand: Sherwood Scuba | SKU: zzSCG1225BK

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  •  Expanded memory for dive profiles – access to up to 110 dives.
  • Deep stop reminder – conforms to latest theories recommending deep stops for dives that exceed 80 feet.
  • Intuitive 2-button operation.
  • Air integrated feature – Display air supply remaining.
  • Dive Time Remaining feature – calculates and displays dive time remaining based on current consumption rate or available no deco time remaining.
  • Audible and visual alarms – diver selectable.
  • DECO warnings and calculations.
  • Air, Nitrox or Gauge operating modes.
  • PC downloadable profiles.
  • Dive simulator: Walk yourself through any dive beforehand, and see your limits without getting wet.
  • Repetitive dive planning: Use information from previous dives to see limitations of your next dive.
  • Dive log: Stores profiles for later recall and viewing.
  • Deco calculation: Calculates decompression stops to 60 feet.
  • Audible and visual alarms.
  • HydroGlow Screen illumination.
  • Automatic altitude adjustment to 14,000 feet/4300 metres.
  • User replaceable battery: Extended life battery and low battery indicator.
  • Imperial or metric unit display